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We understand that being a REALTOR® does not just happen overnight. We commit to fully supporting all MaxWell Canyon Creek REALTORS® by ensuring they understand all the tools that are available to them and how to use them. In 2019 we developed a one-day MaxWell University program, where we focus on all the unique marketing and database tools that are available within our “MaxCentral” password protected website. This training does not end with this one-day session though. All team members of the Brokerage and our head office in Edmonton make themselves available for in person and/or online webinars to assist you with ongoing support. We have partnered with many outside affiliates to bring you the latest in marketing, websites and supplies to help support you and your clients needs; most with significant savings to you.

The Brokerage Management and staff encourage you to reach out with any questions to help you understand the requirements of all governing bodies, whether it be at the local, provincial or national levels. In addition, all REALTORS® have access to other training opportunities and support when engaging in the complimentary program of Richard Robbins through our training portal. We have had many take the four-day Ninja Selling program in Fort Collins, Colorado which has become to be accepted as the most preferred training program for many across the industry. We are constantly on the lookout for other industry related programs and we will continue to bring this to our REALTORS® as we can. 

As a non-selling/competing Broker, we know that access to information is imperative for you when you have a question. Many REALTORS® at other brokerages, are hesitant to reach out and ask for help, but our REALTORS® know that we are here to support them through constant interaction and availability. We schedule regular office meetings in person and through ZOOM to continue to provide REALTORS® with the skills and expertise to assist them to be successful in the real estate industry. We have access to lawyer and/or mortgage broker for assistance and guidance as well. You will always have the access to information when needed, whether it is during the day, or after hours by contacting the broker through call/text/email as needed. We look forward to working with you and help to ensure your success and longevity in this competitive industry.


“I’m Here 4 You”

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